Hi! We’re Fusion Geraldton.

We are part of a national Christian youth and community organisation which emerged as a creative response to socially-at-risk young people in Australia in 1960. Today, Fusion has over 200 staff and thousands of volunteers in 17 teams and centers around Australia.

While it began its work among youth, the importance of a healthy and caring community to nurture each new generation has led Fusion into extensive community work in Australia and beyond. Fusion’s services focus on community building and helping people find a sense of belonging and purpose.

In Geraldton we work in our community supplying accommodation that focuses on mental health and living well no matter what is happening. We believe that every one has the potential to live well with what ever is happening in their lives if they are given opportunities to have a safe place to call home and support to start looking at their lives.

Having been involved in this community for over 30 years we understand how our community works and we are committed to helping young people thrive

The economic and social climate in Geraldton has changed a lot in recent years and we cannot just continue doing what we have been in the past. We do have particular skills in the areas of mental health, community engagement and youth work/people skills training, so these are areas that we want to reflect on as we consider our pathway into 2020 and beyond.

To help us set our direction for 2020 and beyond in Geraldton, we are surveying young people and adults to find out the dreams and concerns for young people.



Geraldton Youth Survey

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