We do a lot of things!

The work of Fusion in Geraldton began in 1984 and was focused around providing accommodation and housing services for people in need.  Since our humble beginnings in Cameliers guesthouse in the main street, the services grew to include a purpose built, government funded accommodation and support services for people experiencing mental illness and Fusion Building and Maintenance a social enterprise providing building work to individuals and other community organisations (all surplus funds raised through this enterprise to be channelled back into community projects run by Fusion Australia in Geraldton)

The economic and social climate in Geraldton has changed a lot in recent years and we cannot just continue doing what we have been in the past. Whilst the government funded Community Supported Residential Units continues in 2019 and beyond, in 2018 we had to close down both Cameliers (our low cost and emergency accommodation service) and FBM WA our social enterprise.

But this is not the end.

As we look to the future we will be focusing on our strengths that include expertise in the areas of mental health, community engagement and youth work/people skills training and how we can use these strengths to support our community

CSRU - Community Supported Residential Units

Fusion’s Community Supported Residential Units (C.S.R.U.) supply support and accommodation for people experiencing severe and persistent mental health issues

Looking to the Future

Want to know more about our plan for 2019? find out here!