Fusion Geraldton 

2019 was a year of review, reflection, team building and planning and we believe 2020 will be a year of consolidation and finding the New Thing that is in store for us and our community.

We’re committed to helping young people thrive, so we have spent time in prayer, in discussion with those that we have relationships with and other key community leaders to build a picture of the current needs and opportunities in this region,  as we looked towards finding out what is next.

We now have two accredited Mental Health First Aid Training Facilitators, have spent time consolidating our expertise in mental health recovery and are finalising our time of research with a Youth survey.  This survey is part of our research project for setting our direction for 2020 and beyond. We want to discover the dreams and concerns that young people living in Geraldton have so that we can have a clear sense of God’s calling on Fusion in Geraldton and then plan and implement a new thing.

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